Thursday, January 26, 2012

No Winter in Sight

The sunshine beckons us out to play so we leave the coats inside and venture out. Plentiful sunshine, not a cloud in the sky. The forecast stretches out the same, no end in sight for this run of mid-50 degree sunny days. This might give him the wrong idea about winter! He migrates, as always, to the cat's food bowl--hoping I don't tell him 'no' like all the times before. I redirect him across the deck on still-wobbly legs, down the steps and into the grass. He catches a glimpse of his favorite pot full of sand and he turns, drops to the ground then crawls heavy over the delicate daffodil tips poking through. Deep sigh and a prayer that they still bloom.
We work our way around the side of the house where he can walk more steadily on the concrete. He sees Max through the fence, giggles as he peers through fence boards at the wet nose and sloppy face. Turning his gaze upward toward the wind blowing through the tree overhead, he flashes me a smile. My heart melts. I watch his eyes dance as he focuses on the leaves swirling in circles, dancing out their own song on the pavement. So many new sights and sounds for this adventurous boy. This little one is so precious to his Mommy.

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