Monday, November 17, 2008

Conservative Turkeys

Mr. Turkey finally got his Missus . . .I'm thinking they shall be named Thomas & Constance, very conservative pilgrim names!!
And Santa gets his Rudolf!
Quite the Christmas Trio!!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Step aside penguins!!!

It's no secret, there's no doubt: I adore squatty little penguins and will continue to make more as long as I live. There can never be too many penguins! The Curtis family is just shy of 20 squatty, multicolored penguins!! However, with each additional penguin I create, Chris questions my sanity more and more. And, with the holidays fast approaching, he kindly asked me to crochet a turkey instead of (for once) another penguin!
Tom the turkey is the result of his query! He is currently awaiting his MRS!!!!

And with Christmas just a few weeks away, I tried my hand at a little Santa man!
But, enough of that non-penguin talk! Let's get back to what really matters!!! Red penguin decided to get all dressed up in his formal tophat for a night on the town!! Then, on a crazy, wild Vegas style night, he met & fell madly in love with Plum Penguin, asked for her hand in marriage and tied the knot!!!
First came love, then came marriage . . . now Kathryn can crochet the babies in a baby carriage!!!