Thursday, July 31, 2008

Lego Mania!!

The kids wanted nothing more than to work on their table! So, after breakfast we took a walk, all the way to WalMart, for some paints to decorate their table!
Ethan keeps talking about painting a "Messed Up Jungle" (whatever that is), so we (I) started out with some trees and grass as a template for the kids' jungle theme!! Though it was only 72 degrees and cool, the mosquitoes were out to play! So we were limited in our time outdoors!!
After a long day at the water park, we came home and made homemade pizza with Uncle Chris. The Italian Seasoning had a little teeny weeny malfunction and nearly the entire bottle ended up on his pizza! What better way to solve the problem than with the vacuum cleaner! The kids got a kick out of it--especially when he accidently sucked up a pepperoni!!
Ethan had waited all day long for Uncle Chris to come home so he could have some expertize in lego house building!! Afterall, Uncle Chris is the highly acclaimed lego maniac!!
Together they built a white two story castle!
And Ethan wanted pictures of his crazy face!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Carpenter Craze!!!

After weeks and months of listening to the kids beg to come to Wichita, I drove down yesterday to bring the kids up for a week of crazy-Aunt-Kathryn-style fun! We had a giggle-filled car drive and arrived just in time for dinner! Today the kids were a little disappointed that it was cool and cloudy, as they have been also begging to swim at our YMCA pool! We took advantage of the cooler weather (mid 70s) and took a walk to the park and fed the ducks! After dinner we joined Uncle Chris out on the deck, where he is working on rebuilding the deck. The kids wanted to build something and use all the fun tools. It was all their idea, in fact, to build a table with the scrap pieces of wood from the deck. So, with a little bit of help from Uncle Chris and Aunt Kathryn, they put together this table top. We'll secure the legs tomorrow evening and the kids already have big plans to paint the table all kinds of bright colors.

They each got a turn hammering the nails to secure the table top.
Ethan was very particular in his hammering, taking care and precision with each hit; and he did a very good job!
The job always gets done faster when two work together!!

Before they can paint their table, we have to sand off the old deck paint. It's a meticulous job, but someone has to do it. We would have finished up the sanding but the mosquitoes came out to play! So we came inside to play!! I'm sure the rest of our week together will be just as creative, productive and funfilled as today has been!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Off with the Blue, On with the New

If I had blogged last summer, you may have gotten extremely tired of the hundreds of pictures I took of my blue beauties! Without knowing how well they would thrive, last spring I planted a "couple" morning glory seeds by our deck and a "few" others by our fence.

To put it lightly, they took over the WORLD!! As much as it broke my heart to rip out the vines last fall and as much effort as I put into collecting their three hundred thousand seeds, we (mainly Chris) decided that perhaps we should skip the morning glories this year! (Sigh, wail, sniffle) Weren't they b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l!!!!

Instead, our deck is now borded by boxwoods, red flaming bushes, a handplaced rock border and a new addiction: cosmos flowers. I planted these ferny, flowering giants from seeds all the way from Santa Cruz, California, given to me by my great uncle Orville. I doubted that they would even grow. Instead they, too, are thriving marvelously and are, in their own way, taking over their little piece of this world! (The ones in the front yard are taller than I am)
These morning glories on our fence grew so wildly that they climbed over the fence and took over our neighbor's bushes as well. Twice I cut them back out of her bushes, but they came back even stronger.
In their place, I planted tomatoes. They have had a little struggle, but seem to be pulling through nicely. The back tomato bush is as tall as the fence. They are finally covered in dozens of tomatoes, but only three have ripened so far!
And here is our lone corn stalk! It grew as a volunteer probably planted by the pesky squirrels! I pulled it up, thinking it was a weed but when I saw a corn kernel attached to the roots, I quickly put it back into the soil. It's brother did not survive my transplanting scheme, but this one seems to be hanging in their. We're letting it grow just to see how tall it will get!!!