Sunday, June 22, 2008

Family Additions

She's been at it again!!! Yes, the amigurumi making addict has once again added to the crazy zoo! Perched on an endtable in our living room, the happy animal family continues to swell in size so much so that soon they will not all fit! Until then, I'll continue to cram them all on for the fabulous family picture I take whenever an animal is added!
Here is Monte the Meerkat, who may or may not look more like a opossum than a meerkat, but don't let him hear you say that. And since meerkats travel (and cause trouble) in packs, he is still awaiting a fellow meerkat for troublemaking companionship, which may be awhile!!
Before I started another meerkat, I had to bring Paco the Penguin (the man in black) a colorful batch of squatty friends to keep him company. You see, all of the other animals at the "zoo" were so tall he had a huge inferiority complex. But now!!! Oh now, he fits right in--though he does feel a little bland standing next to all that color!!!!!
After working with all of that color, I just couldn't go back to the drab brown of a meerkat, so I experimented with this purple lion named Leah the Lion. She was loads of fun and she very well may soon get some fellow lions to play with!
And now for that happy family picture!!!!!!!!