Sunday, September 28, 2008

Welcome Brookelyn!!!

Our lives are filled with so many questions that don't have answers, yet we search for them nonetheless. Tragedies occur, people get sick, crises arise, and life ends prematurely. Statements like "everything happens for a reason" and "there's a purpose in this situation" provide only minimal comfort to the hurting ears they fall upon. However, seeing the bright smile on the face of one who has walked through the valley of the shadow of death brings hope and inspiration to a troubled heart! Last summer, my friend Lisa lost her daughter, Michelle, at only eight days of age to a genetic disorder. With her husband and three sons, Lisa endured the crushing loss of their beautiful little girl--a heartache I cannot even fathom. We don't know the reason, we can't see the purpose, but we know that Michelle is among the angels, being craddled by her Jesus. And, on September 1st, He gave Lisa her own little PINK bundle of joy--one that she wouldn't have to say goodbye to!
Today we welcomed Brookelyn Alyse Treaster with a PINK PARTY up at work!!
And of course, Brookelyn needed a special blanket to call her own that matched her nursery set!
Holding Brookelyn in my arms, I could feel the warm, cuddly, squirmy faithfulness of God in human flesh! Her curly brown hair, her light brown eyes and her shy little smile all reflect how awesome He is--even when we dont' know why we have to suffer or wait or say goodbye! All life is precious, all life is a gift--and Lisa and her little Brookelyn have given this heart hope!!!