Friday, March 2, 2012

A Closed Door

Tears fall with dashed hopes. We cast our nets in faith, just to find them empty. Yet, we prayed in earnest ‘Thy will be done’ and for closed doors as much as open doors; for His leading, guidance, Presence along the way. Now we brush up close against the closed door, feeling its finality and wonder how could it have turned out differently? A flood of ‘what ifs’ to clog the mind. It’s amazing to see how quickly the heart grows attached, the mind spins visions and dreams—all to something that doesn’t belong yet. Just like the ‘house we used to live in’ this one has left its mark on our hearts. A silly little matter of timing, we were just too late. But looking at it all closer, with trained eyes, it’s easy to see how many events led to this outcome. We can never blame it on just one thing, like: the realtor should have responded to the email, or returned the phone call(s), we could have made a higher offer, etc. So, the old adage ‘it wasn’t meant to be’ that typically causes my eyes to roll and my heart to bristle a bit really does apply. And the tears that fall now might have as easily fallen had our offer been accepted, leaving us to say goodbye to our home. That house was just a house, but this is our home!

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